Rox Landing RV Park Rules and Regulations

By choosing to park at Rox Landing, you are stating that you understand all of the following rules and regulations.  Furthermore, you agree to abide by them.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is unwilling to abide by these regulations.

At Rox Landing, you are parking at your own risk. Rox Landing RV Park is not responsible for any accidents or damages to you or your property while on the Rox Landing premises.

1)  RV Slips at Rox Landing are 1st come, 1st serve
2) Unfortunately, Rox Landing does not accept Credit Cards at this time
3)  Rates are to be determined and payed before parking. Otherwise, the highest rate applies (daily rate)
4)  If you leave early, we prorate your stay based upon the nightly rate. If we owe you anything, then  we will mail you a check.
5)  All residents at Rox Landing are private residents. Please be polite and courteous to your neighbors.
6) If the police must be called, you will be escorted from the park and not allowed to return.
7) No Washing of RV's or vehicles on the Rox Landing premises. No Exceptions.

Please Note:
There is a storm shelter located at the north end of the park (top of the hill). If you need to occupy the storm shelter, we strongly advise that you take a flashlight, water-bottle, chair, and radio - in that order.  In the case of inclement weather, please do not hesitate to occupy the storm shelter.